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Factoring is prorata calculation of remuneration for an exact period or reduction in pay.  We shall try to understand factoring using the following business scenario: A company pays the total instructor’s bonus of 100.00 if

Valuation of absence using average value involves the following steps: 1. No assignment of valuation basis to the wage type carrying absence data (wage type 4002) in V_512W_B 2. Creating bases for calculating average values

Absence valuation can be done using 1.  Constant or fixed amount 2.  Averages 3.  As if principle In this document, we shall see absence valuation using fixed amount or constant.  This involves the following steps

We all know that Time Evaluation (T.E) is a program which generates overtime hours, absence or attendance quota and check working time provisions of employees.  These overtime hours would then be valuated in Payroll.  But

The basis used to valuate person-related valuation bases is not a fixed constant, but an employee-specific value calculated according to the employee’s remuneration using X010 and X013 PCRs. Personnel calculation rule X010 queries processing class

Here, we shall see how to valuate a time wage type based on pay scale dependent constant without Pay scale group and Pay scale level as follows: 1. Creation of time wage type as seen

In this document , let us see how to valuate time wage types based on Pay scale type, area and group but not level as follows: 1.  Creation of wage type 2223 as usual as

As discussed earlier, time wage types can be valuated either using a constant amount (wage type or pay scale dependent) or using person related remuneration. This document discusses Valuation of time wage types using Pay

Valuation of wage type using wage type dependent constant can also be done using Modifiers for table access based on organizational assignment as shown below.  That is here we would see a how a time

Valuation of wage types is done in two ways either using constant remuneration (wage type dependent constant or pay scale dependent constant) or using person related remuneration. In other words, valuation of time wage types