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Santosh Vijayan

The development team of SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is based out of SAP Labs India,Bangalore. Our product development is centered on Customer perspective, which comes into focus right from the conceptual stage to product

We were implementing a framework which we believed would simplify the process we were focusing on and also incorporate the feedback we received over a long time from users of the classical framework. The development

The countdown to SAP TechEd Las Vegas has started and SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is covered in various sessions and a wide range of topics will be discussed. Lecture Session – DMM212 – Data

One of the key aspects in any Design Thinking project is the ability to communicate – both internally and externally. But this is a topic which is ignored or given the least preference in some

The SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) development team is working on providing solutions for data management in S/4HANA. We would like to reach out to customers to discuss innovations we are working on in order

SAP TechEd Bangalore got off to an exciting start today and will go on till the 13th of March 2015. From the SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) team, we have a 2 hour lecture session

The SAP Fiori applications focusing on archiving has been explained in the SCN blog Understanding SAP ILM Archiving Fiori applications in 5 questions. We have also created a YouTube which explains how the Fiori applications

1. What are the Fiori applications available related to the ILM Archiving feature? We have delivered 2 Fiori applications to help an Archiving Expert (or an equivalent role) to manage data volume by identifying high

Design Thinking brings in a new paradigm where the development team is in close touch with customers (or prospective customers) and most importantly end users of the applications. According to me, there are certain principles

1. What is the standard way to connect a SAP system to Datasift? SAP delivers a standard connector to connect to Datasift and harvest social data. This is part of the deliveries under the topic