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Sanjay Vijay Hanspal

Last week I was in NW/BI Admin Summit Orlando, Florida. During my session “When Why and How to upgrade EHP4”, I incurred many questions regarding  how to reset  EHP4 upgrade after completing various phases. In

For basis consultant another new day!! Started with getting complains PI7.1 web interfaces are very slow. What’s going on in the system? Did my ICM is healthy? It’s bad day!! Ops my user is lock!!

When you do the patch upgrade or system copy, your Adobe Document Service RFC connection started behaving weird!!      I struggled a lot to resolve this issue and then finally a simple trick works:

  You can find running application by typing “display appl”  !https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251918344/sanjay1.png|height=180|alt=image|width=583|src=https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251918344/sanjay1.png|border=0! Used port can be found by typing “display port”   Locks can be found by typing “display locks”   !https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251918344/locks1.png|height=167|alt=image|width=581|src=https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251918344/locks1.png|border=0!   Many more options you