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My Perspectives on Leadership My philosophy about leadership is simple: There is no success without successors, so it’s up to today’s leaders to develop the next generation. Successful companies that consistently stay on top are

By Sanjay Poonen and Akash Agarwal The first blog in this series was about enabling innovation on our mobile platforms together with the leading device OS & OEMs, Telco Carriers and software and hardware vendors.

By Sanjay Poonen and Akash Agarwal Last November Business Insider said SAP has a crazy ambition. In fact, they called our plan to make SAP bigger in mobile than Apple ‘outrageous.’  It may seem outrageous

Every time you visit countries like China and India you get a fresh appreciation of what Tom Friedman meant when he said The World is Flat, and why it’s so true!  I recently had the

Ever since my first visit to Rio years ago when I used to jog along Leblon admiring the view, I’ve been struck by the legendary beauty of this beachfront city. Now, it’s the city’s new

The power of technology to change people’s lives is undisputed, but you also need people who are determined enough to turn crazy ideas into reality. It’s rare enough to run across anyone like that, so

How do you get your arms around millions of devices, billions of apps, and trillions of things to end up making money and solving some of the challenges of big data and mobility? SAP’s thought

Last week I told you about my vision of the future where alarm clocks and calendars and coffee machines all talk to each other. It’s a future where the Internet of Things (IoTs) and Machine-to-Machine

One aspect of working for a global company that I don’t care for are 5am conference calls with Europe.  But what’s even more frustrating is waking up to my alarm clock at 4:30 am only