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At the Cloud Foundry Summit event in Basel, Switzerland (Oct 9 – 12, 2018), there was a lot of talk about the impact of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry technologies on each other. This is an area

There have been several exciting events in year 2017 concerning the Cloud Foundry technology and few more are in the making.  This is a great time for the developer community to easily catch up on

If you are interested in the Cloud Foundry topic, and would like to know how it is supported in SAP Cloud Platform, you do not want to miss this event – Cloud Foundry Summit in

If you wanted to learn more about the Cloud Foundry technology as well as SAP’s involvement  in it, you may want to check out the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara, California (details below).

The Cloud Foundry Berlin Summit is just around the corner (Nov 2/3). For all those wanting to learn more about the latest innovations in the Cloud Foundry open source technology, this is the event not

I am a member of SAP’s Industry Standards and Open Source team. Recently, I was approached by a national standards body to share some details about SAP’s Big Data architecture, so that they can analyze

The social networking phenomenon (also called as “Web 2.0” sometimes) is much more firmly established in the industry by now. In 2010, I don’t think there will be many debates around the value of social

With all the empowerment and excitement social media tools bring for the individuals and enterprises, they also pose some uniquely interesting challenges when it comes to knowledge management. In this blog, I would like to

Finally, the long awaited milestone on the path of Web services standardization has arrived  – the Web Services Reliable Messaging specifications, a critical technology enabling adoption of Web services in enterprise scenarios, have  reached the