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Alireza Ghasemi

    As a major player in logistics and food distribution in the French Caribbean and Guyana, SAFO Group (link) believes it is essential for retail stores to digitalize in order to meet the increased expectations

     Digital consumers are connected to people and businesses and want unlimited personalization, tailored offers and seamless interactions across all interaction channels. At the same time, Digital consumes want a high level of privacy

 Mobile Fiori In-Store Merchandising Key Accomplishment in 2016 and our Strategy in 2017   This is an update to Mobile Fiori In-Store Merchandising. It provides a high-level overview of the key accomplishments in 2016 and our

    SAP Mobile In-Store Merchandising powered by Fiori and SAP Mobile Platform _____________________________________________________________________________________ up ↑ Overview Today, consumers use mobile whenever possible and want to feel totally satisfied with their purchases. To remain competitive,

All good things start with a challenge. Physical stores play a crucial role in retail business. Did you know that Amazon plans to open more retail stores? Did you know that most online shoppers visit

How should the software vendors and IT respond to the ever growing business challenges in In-store Merchandise and Inventory Management?   I would like to open a discussion about what some challenges for In-store business