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As promised in the blog post, Improvements Coming to Content Lists in Your Profile by Audrey Stevenson, we have seen very useful enhancements added to our profiles. In addition to the @mentions functionality, I have found the addition

Not sure how to set up your Email Notification settings on SAP Community? Check out this Tip in a Minute video where I explain how you can start receiving Email Notifications: If you are interested

One of the most requested SAP Community features is now available! You can now receive email notifications about certain SAP Community updates. You can also control the different types of emails notifications available. To modify

Why am I not receiving timely responses? –  I am sure a lot of you have this very concern when posting on our new Community. I wanted to write this blog to clarify some of the confusion around

Interested in learning how Notifications work in our new community? Read on! Notifications enable you to receive important updates or information about items requiring your attention. An unread Notification is indicated by a small numeric

While there may still be a lot of improvements that can be made to the Activity Stream in our new community, understanding the features & capabilities that we already have may be helpful for many users. On SAP

Need another reason to test out the new SAP community platform? Then check out this Tip in a Minute video from Sajid Amir, as he explains a new mission that can earn you the SAP

Are you going to attend an SAP TechEd this year? Registration for Las Vegas, Bangalore, and Barcelona is now open. When you register, just include your SCN ID or Username in the registration form and