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Sailaja Naga Rachiraju

The test results on browser compatibility for various features in the Cloud for Customer solution are published in the product availability matrix for 1511. This Excel document is referenced as an attachment – 1511_C4C_PAM.xlsx in

Program Report for Sending Alerts from Backend System: In transaction code SE38, execute the report /MAC/RSFM_ALERT_GEN (shown in thefollowing diagram).  Refer to the administrator’s guide for SAP Retail Execution for detailed documentation ofthe report. Important

Product data in Retail Execution is downloaded to the device using a hybrid approach, that is a combination of on-demand (directly from backend) and via the SAP Mobile Platform (backend to SMP and from SMP

Certain errors encountered in the installation, initialization and synchronization of Retail Execution app and that are attributed to settings in SAP Mobile Platform are discussed here: Error:  Command to tRFC/qRFC: Execute LUW again This error

You need to upload attachments to the SAP Retail Execution mobile app. The Business Add-In /MAC/RS_BADI_DEF_ATTACH has been provided with interface /MAC/RS_BADI_IF_ATTACH to help implement the feature of uploading attachments to the app. The standard

Symptom : You have synced activities from backend CRM system.  However, these activities do not get downloaded to the device.  There are no error messages on the device for this behaviour and the user is