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Sabine Hamlescher

Hi, with the standard caching behavior, the refresh button on the different work lists on the UI triggers an asynchronous update of the back-end cache with data for all quick filters, while the data for the

Hi, some of you may have already recognized that it is not possible to hide a thingGroup or row of a thingGroup on an overlay dialog using the sap.ui.viewModifications as described in the enhancement guide

Hi there, check out the new consulting note for using freight settlement in the SAP TM collaboration portal! It provides answers to the most common mistakes that we see to happen due to wrong system

Hi, as explained in this post, you can specify a number of days in the past in the user settings to restrict the number of documents, which is read from he back-end. This filter is

Hi, a while ago, we had introduced the concept of restricting the number of displayed documents in the SAP TM collaboration portal by defining a number of days in the past, which is used during

Hi, There are a couple of new performance related SAP Notes available, which reduce the time it takes to load a number of documents in the table or detail view in the SAP TM collaboration

There are a couple of new SAP Notes which will help to get rid off redundant and unnecessary HTTP calls, which may get executed when a user clicks on a home tile in the SAP

Hi, if a carrier logs on to the SAP TM collaboration portal and either does not see any content at all, or not the expected content, this may have one of the following root causes:

Hi, ever wondered how to properly setup business partners to be used for the SAP TM collaboration portal? Here we go… If you as a shipper or LSP want to collaborate with a carrier A