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I had a colleague recently ask me for a work around to an issue he was constantly battling.  You can read about this solution to dynamic Op sys commands BI Process Chains with Dynamic System

For those of you who have had to manage the system commands in process chains, hopefully you’ll appreciate this little tip.  Here is the scenario… You need a remote file to process/execute (.cmd/.exe) inside a process

  Release early, release often!  The mantra of Open Source Software (OSS) development.  We (the SAPlink development team) have tried to live up to this expectation.  The goal was to have this minor release out

As with any development project, once the software is released, many times a bug is found or an enhancement requirement is identified.  With an open sourced software development project the fixing of the bug gets

Here is a link to Show me your .slnk and I will show you mine (1of2).  Until SAP, or more specifically SDN, provides a method for developers to share slinkees we are left to our

Show me your .slnk and I will show you mine (2of2) First things first, what is a .Slnk you ask? You may hear it and see it referred to as a “Slinkee”. A slinkee is