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This brief article will detail how to quickly view your concurrency metrics using monitoring in BI4.x. This article is designed as an accompaniment to James Rapp’s excellent blog post which details how to track concurrency

Lumira’s blend of agility and power has made it very popular with financial analysts. Let’s examine using some simple statistical functions to do a quick sanity check of some of our data to check for

My laptop beckons to me. As I place my weight, the chair bounces slightly. The screen lights up. I click my icon and wait. In the distance, a hovercraft comes up to speed. Through fiber

If you saw my previous blog, you’ll know that I hateexcessive clicking. Well, I have a laundry list of annoyances that I havechosen to share with you, internet. The next thing on my list is

If you’re using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, you may not be aware that SAP BusinessObjects can greatly enhance your reporting capabilities. I put together a short video to outline some of these capabilities. Enjoy

You know what I hate? Do you? I’ll tell you. I will… Clicking. Yes, I hate clicking. I hate having to open up a report in the BI launchpad everyday. I guess I could define