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The Webi team is on fire, breathing new life into Web Intelligence with BI4.2. At a recent event, the Web Intelligence team showed up with their next generation user experience which should expad the use

Geographic Maps are an exciting opportunity to shed new light on existing business data. From basic geomap charts that ship with BusinessObjects, to ESRI GIS integrations, open source tools, and premium extensions provided by third

Maps are a hot button when it comes to Web Intelligence, which is one of the most requested features as long as I can remember. BI4.2 delivers a double whammy for BI administrators to deliver

After a few days of learning and experimenting, I finally reached my goal to create a submission for the SAP Data Genius challenge. Armed with a LOT of demographics data and a some interesting ideas

As a long time Webi user, and provider of maps integrations, I have always wished there were a proper SDK for integrating custom visualizations in Webi. My first exploration was through Xcelsius which I soon

If you build dashboards you know to save and version your XLF projects often. But what happens when you open up an important SAP Dashboards / Xcelsius dashboard only to have it crash on startup?

Injecting CMaps Analytics into an SAPUI5 powered application is fortunately as easy as leveraging just about any other SAP UI5 component. Much like an SAPUI5 component, a developer can create anywhere from basic to advanced

One of the common requirements we see for maps for SAP BusinessObjects is creating geographic choropleths / heat maps. In this scenario, you can view common administrative areas or custom territories (country, state, etc) with

For those of you who have been around in the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem long enough, you may remember an awesome labs feature for Webi called Extension Points. Now it is back in a slightly different

SAP BusinessObjects is more extensible than ever thanks to recent additions to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1. From geo-analytics to big data visualizations, organizations who are not intimidated to write code or work with a certified