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Supply & Demand Planning scenario describes an integrated planning process that is executed on a medium to long term basis including the elements of flexible planning, standard SOP, long term planning, material requirement planning and

Very often I have seen there are discussions on ATP check, committed quantity, problems with ATP check in production/planned order, ATP check with replenishment lead time, sales order confirmation and delivery, material availability date etc.

SAP system has been developed by taking consideration of all the customers and industries.  It’s not necessary that all the functionalities will be useful for everyone.  However, if I want to keep my system healthy

In certain industries, like steel, cable, paper, and textile industries, the same operations are used to manufacture different products. These operations may include producing a melt, continuous casting, and hot and cold rolling. Or in

Nearly in all manufacturing environment there would be some or other form of rework. I) Rework Production Order-Stock-Procured material This scenario is executed when material which are bought out from vendor are found faulty. These

In some industry sectors (for example, diary/meat, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, or paper industry sectors), the composition or attributes of products vary to some degree. Therefore, you cannot use a fixed conversion factor to convert quantities

Often, many industries like FMGC, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc use multiple similar resources to manufacture a product. E.g. A plant has many mfg bagger, or filling lines with identical capacities. A product is chronologically said to

I had a scenario in which a semi finished product has 10 operations in routing. There is a destructive Test of the semi finished product. Now when I raise a production order of say 500