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The new 2018 IoT and digital supply chain startup recruits have hit the ground running. They are driving customer opportunity, innovating technology and business–and expanding the SAP solution landscape in powerful ways. Design Automation and

2017 was the year of transformation: We saw almost every industry invest in IoT as well as leading industries moving quickly to implement IoT solutions. Forrester Research even predicted that IoT will become “the backbone” of customer

“Nobody wants to push a cart in a warehouse, humans are much better at many other things,“ Ángel Hernández of the Silicon Valley startup Fetch Robotics knows that. Franz Hero, responsible for Supply Chain Development

The topics innovation and startups are sexy, no doubt. Media loves to report about the young and vibrant scene. Yet, how many of these startups and innovative new ideas become profitable? Often it is not

Some weeks ago, IoT startup Loginno was invited to discuss their solution with SAP CEO Bill McDermott. Loginno Co-founder Shachar Tal expresses his excitement as followed: “When we signed our agreement with SAP, we had

  Read an Interview with Eva Zauke, Head of the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator, who received the award “Best Newcomer Accelerator 2017” for the Berlin and Palo Alto based startup program. Eva Zauke heads the

In March the two SAP developers Bernd Dittrich and Christoph Eichin travelled from Walldorf to Berlin to meet one of the first residents of the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator – the promising logistics startup Synfioo.

“Kids age 15 generation” this is what I typed into Google after the two SAP interns Frederick and Felix had left me yesterday visiting the Data Space and the IoT Startup Accelerator in Berlin. When

David Sonnenschein, VP, SAP IoT Startup Accelerator Palo Alto gives an insight on his work with startups in Silicon Valley. He is part of Eva Zauke’s team who heads the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator operating from Berlin

A friend recently sent me an article, cheekily referring to my new job at the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator. The article was published in the German Manager Magazin and is entitled “Now the Startup Bubble