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Teams are often at a loss when it comes to the value that will come from their Asset Big Data project.  This doesn’t have to be the case if you know where you want to

I say HARDLY – Some would cast suspicions towards the growth of renewable energy sources as a causal factor in grid disturbances.  We have all heard of the megawatt draining clouds and the calming winds

Just recently the topic of nuclear power has been in the news again – Watts Bar Nuclear started up and is producing Carbon Free Energy after nearly 45 years of construction. (source Wikipedia) A victim

Earlier this year SAP and Accenture announced how we would be working together and building innovations for customers using SAP HANA.  This is not news from the history books as many a successful collaboration has

Today a Modern Workforce relies on effective communication as much if not more so than having the correct parts and tools.  However when we think of communications we often push that topic over to the

Stacks of Paper and a Box of Wrenches Don’t cut it in today’s IoT world ! So you want better results from the Field, Send Out Enhanced Work Packages ! Back in the day we

In the last installment of “Data Rich and Insight Poor” we discussed the need for consistent data quality at the onset of a project and as an ongoing governance item need to ensure lasting success. 

Hello – As the content owner of the Leveraging Assets Track for this year’s SAP for Utilities event,  I’m very excited to share with you the agenda along with the how and why we chose

In the last installment of “Data Rich and Insight Poor” we discussed the benefits of following a Platform approach to drive the maximum amount of benefit from your investment across the enterprise.  Today I’d like

The first installment of Data Rich and Insight Poor introduced the concepts and challenges facing utilities as they work to access the benefits of the latest In Memory solutions embodied in SAP HANA.  What we