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Overview: The Broadcast messages (BCM) is a feature that gives portal administrators the ability to broadcast messages to end users in a defined time frame. It also gives the ability to assign a message to

How to use “Find and Replace” Enterprise Portal feature for mass property changes of iViews. After several requests from SAP customers I have recognized that it is not clear for them how to change system

In the Enterprise Portal we can create content structure directly in the Portal Role Editor. When a portal role is created we can add content from the Portal Content Catalog as a delta link or

New functionality to configure Properties editor released with NW Portal 7.3 SP 9. • By default, the Properties editor opens displaying a list of the basic properties. You can configure the editor to display the

Multiple Property Replacement Wizard is a powerful wizard with rich functionality. This blog provides overview on some advanced functionalities of the wizard  related to properties. You want to replace a property value for several objects.

New functionality to configure Role and Workset editors released with NW Portal 7.3 SP 9. By default, objects in the Role Editor and the Workset Editor are displayed using the object name. You can also

Background In general the naming convention feature enables creating new content with predefined list of names used as content prefix in content object id. Display predefined names during creation of new content  in wizards for

After a lot of questions without answer in portal forum areas, I decided to publish this “how to” which describes one of the existing solutions. This blog will provide an answer to the question “How