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SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI Repository is marked for deletion During the process of De/Installing a Patch for the BOE/BI Platform 4.x SP03 or SP04 the Service and/or the connection to the Sybase Anywhere Repository SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI is marked for deletion

On the Road to BW/4HANA – second stage finalized This is the second Part of the Blog – On the Road to BW/4HANA – first stage accomplished Now we have to go back to the Solution

On the Road to BW/4HANA Since BW/4HANA is available from 7th of September 2016 and we already saw how the Road the BW/4HANA can look like: The Road to BW/4HANA – Part 1 – Part

Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3x- List of Relevant Notes (This page is subject to frequent updates! Stay tuned) BEx Runtime and BEx Tools from SAP BW 3.5 are discontinued from SAP BW 7.40 SP02 onwards. InfoObject

Table of Content Introduction Overview/Roadmap Implementation NLS Performance NLS Partnersolutions Additional Blogs Blog Comments Introduction Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA for current data and SAP IQ for

Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance   Table of Content SAP Corrections SAP IQ DB Settings SAP HANA DB Settings optimize NLS for SDA improve NLS load optimizing F4 access optimizing Query access With the Introduction of smart data