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Dear ALL, The MAP is activated in SAP Transportation Management System using the customizing:  Path: SPRO -> SAP Transportation Management -> Transportation Management -> Basic Functions -> Geographical Map -> Define Settings for Geographical Map.

Dear Experts, This is your reference to do SMARTFORMS in SAP TM using Output management. 1) Create a new smart Form using transaction SMARTFORMS. 2) Create a Action Profile in PPF Output Management of SAP

Transportation cost control has been under intense pressure in recent years. Upward pricing drivers have included lengthening supply chains due to globalization, customers demanding faster and more frequent deliveries, carrier capacity challenges, stricter accessorial enforcement

Hi Everyone, There is a Five Lecture Series for Introduction to SAP TM. Lecture 1 from Mini Series – SAP Transportation Management Novigos Introduction to SAP Transportation Management – Lecture 1 – YouTube Lecture 2

Hi All, These are list of transactions which i found very useful for Fiori Development, Sharing with all, Please add more if i have missed some. 1) Great Information from Chandrashekhar Mahajan Small tip on

The SAP Transportation Management collaboration portal for carriers (SAP TM collaboration portal) supports collaborative business processes. The SAP TM Collaboration Portal is an web based component based on SAPUI5 Framework allowing collaboration between TM and


Hi All, I Attended my first SAP Code Jam 2015 virtual yesterday, as always Craig Cmehil is a great Host. I learned and created my first XS Application SAP HANA XS Craig Cmehil created Code

Please share examples of SAP applications using gamification. Best regards, Rohit Following is what i have seen. 1)  SDN. Hi Rohit, what about SAP applications applying the Guided Activity paradigm. They are using breadcrump navigation

SAP TM Collaboration Portal — Adding Custom Fields on Table SAP TM collaboration portal for collaboration between you and your business partners. This document from Jan Rumig provides an overview of which extensions are possible

Break-Weight and Clipping Calculation Method Types The calculation methods are used in SAP TM to calculate transportation charges based on specific logic. It helps to calculate charges as standard, Break-Weight or Clipping. The Calculation methods