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The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS is now out for a couple of months, and is already gaining some significant traction. However, most people are still righteously wondering, “Why should I care? Why not

In case you have missed it: last week’s episode of the SAP Cloud Platform Podcast was almost completely dedicated to the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS! The podcast, hosted by Moya Watson and Mike

Introduction Today, March 30, 2017, the much anticipated SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS is available for every SAP developer to try it out. You can find the SDK here. Not part of the SDK download,

With this small post, I would like to share a few tips and tricks when you start exploring the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Some of you may have figured these out already, others

Introduction For many SAP developers, the Swift programming language has been a remote affair. You probably haven’t wrote a program in Swift, or maybe you haven’t heard of Swift at all. Which is a pity,

[Updated February 28, 2017: Rebranded “SAP HANA Cloud Platform” to “SAP Cloud Platform”] Purpose of this blog There are various blogs and resources describing how to build iOS applications with the Swift language, how to

At this year’s TechEd in Las Vegas, SAP introduced the highly anticipated SAP HANA Express Edition. For the very first time, developers can now run SAP HANA on their own laptops using as little (*)

A common usecase is to have a form — or multiple forms — which should be validated upon clicking a “Submit” button. The UI5 validation mechanism by default does a terrific good job for inline

Introduction As an independent consultant, I need to keep track of my billable hours, send invoices, follow up on overdue invoices, file my income taxes/VAT every month/quarter, follow up on prospective new clients, etc. As

Why use WebStorm? Some background Today, Eclipse has grown to quite a robust and widely used Java IDE, however it lacks severely in the Web / Javascript department. For web development — not only SAPUI5