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Robin Schoenwald

SEC Database and Technology has developed many services and consulting solutions for ALM and SAP Solution Manager. We are proud to present our new webpages in SAP Support Portal: https://support.sap.com/alm-consulting You’ll find short descriptions, customer

SAP® Solution Managers integrated Service Desk, Test Workbench, and test automation framework enables SAP customers to handle all aspects of test management more effectively and efficiently. SAP Solution Manager 7.1 adds visualized test reporting based

If you need to implement a new or upgrade an existing SAP solution, professional test management is critical for project success. But how many times have you seen projects that have tried to manage all

Unclear requirements and inadequate requirements management are among the biggest cost drivers in IT projects. According to a survey carried out by the FHS St. Gallen (University of Applied Sciences), 75% of the companies surveyed