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Sometimes people think that big means slow. But SAP is breaking records innovating with the latest technologies like machine learning, virtual reality and more. With SAP Leonardo, a digital innovation system, customers can get up

Imagine you’re preparing for a business trip. Instead of searching furiously for the email with the exact departure time buried in your inbox, and then looking up the weather at your destination, you simply say

You might not have heard of Jabil but you probably have a product made by the company that you use daily in your home or office. As one of the largest and most technologically advanced

The world is going digital. Companies like Airbnb have shown that even the most staid, bricks-and-mortar industries can change almost overnight. A recent MIT Sloan and Delloitte survey found that nearly 90% of respondents anticipate

Google and SAP announced a key partnership last week week that will make SAP HANA available on Google’s public cloud platform for the first time. The partnership, announced at the Google Cloud Next conference in

Among its peers, SAP is one of the fastest growing companies creating business software in the cloud. But there are a lot of misconceptions about SAP, ERP and the cloud. Here we bust those myths and

Darren Roos, President of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, is the man in charge of bringing SAP’s 40 plus years of ERP expertise to customers in the cloud. Earlier this month, Darren and his team announced significant enhancement