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I got an activity tracker a few months back, mostly because I was curious. But besides counting my steps, my heart rate and showing the time, how much more could it be? It’s like a

Yes. And I am not talking about running a marathon with the help of fitness trackers and mobile apps. By the way, if you are running a marathon, it’s a good idea to run light.

Here is an interesting use case from a North American utility: They have a department called ‘Forestry Service’ that does vegetation management, trimming trees and plants along power lines, there are countless trees in their

We just ran another mobility workshop at the International SAP for Utilities conference in Lisbon, it was full house and showed there is no slowdown on interest in this topic. We reviewed the latest innovations,

Where is mobility today? It is not even on the hype cycle charts any more, pushed out by autonomous driving, machine learning and chat bots. Did it become mainstream or irrelevant? And by the way,

We just ran another mobility workshop at the SAP for Utilities conference in Huntington Beach. It is always an opportunity to get the latest trends, product updates and road maps and also hear about implementation

Did you hear about the new partnership between SAP and Apple ? What kind of apps will be built based on this partnership? It will be native apps running on iOS iPhone and iPad. We

Have you heard of Splash? If you are wondering how to create great apps, like the SAP Fiori apps, there is good news. We are sharing our design experience and provide you with a nice

Which devices do you take on your next vacation trip? From small to large: – Wearable (like an activity tracker or a smart watch): Yes, in case you have them.– Smart phone: Definitely.– Tablet: Maybe.–

Today is back to the future day. October 21st 2015 is the date to which Marty traveled. This was back in the 80s. Back to the past with mobility and CRM. An industry expert recently