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Of all the challenges to overcome when migrating SQL code from, say, Oracle, to, say, SAP ASE, you would probably not think that it’s important whether the converted SQL statements are in uppercase or in

One of my professional frustrations is that most non-IT people don’t seem to care about things that I find interesting. For example, rarely do I meet interesting people at a party who don’t walk away

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a while in this space. But I assure you, dear reader, that was not due to laziness. We were, in fact, working heads-down on a bunch of things. For example:

When you’re trying to migrate SQL stored procedures from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to SAP ASE, IQ or SQL Anywhere, inevitably you’ll be facing the problem that the source DBMS has particular features or

It’s been longer than I wanted before publishing this blog post, but it’s been busy getting the new version of Exodus ready (that’s Exodus v.2.5, will cover that in a subsequent blog). In the previous

In the previous episode, we discussed conversion between SQL dialects from a more philosophical angle. I would now like to look at some more concrete examples of what the Exodus DBMS migration tool can do.

Converting SQL code from one SQL dialect to another, like Oracle’s PL/SQL to SAP ASE’s Transact-SQL probably sounds like a boring, nerdy whaddever to most people. But since you, dear reader, are reading this blog,

When discussing Exodus, SAP’s DBMS migration tool for migrating custom (non-SAP) applications, invariably this question is asked:       “where can I download Exodus?” The answer may be somewhat disappointing: you cannot download Exodus anywhere. Even

Recently I described the SAP Exodus DBMS migration tool as a new offering by SAP to help migrate custom (non-SAP) applications from a non-SAP to an SAP database. In this blog post, let’s take a

This is the main post in a series of blogs on the topic of migration custom applications to SAP databases. Last update:03-Aug-2015 Contents: Using the Exodus DBMS migration tool for Pre-Migration Complexity Assessment The Exodus