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                                                                           This document is prepared on HANA SPS 12 based on this thread. Use case: The user is asked to enter a date. If nothing is specified then it should be default to first

In this document we will see how to fetch data based on the conditions available in a table. Typically we will see such requirements when applications are built based on SAP HANA.          This document

Hi, I was blogged forwarded by Vivek Singh Bhoj – BIF. This blog is a part of the “Blog It Forward Community Challenge“. I really appreciate Moshe Naveh for starting such a good initiative. About

This document is prepared based on HANA SPS 07 revision 70. This is a workaround for the product bug. In Higher revisions or versions, you may not reproduce the bug if it is fixed. Problem

Following Announcement of SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge I jumped to SAP Portal YouTube channel to pick my favourite. I watched the below movie on Youtube Government provides various services to

This document is prepared based on HANA SPS6 revision 63. Jody Hesch beautifully explained how to do Transpose and its use cases in the document (How To: Dynamic Transposition in HANA) which involves an additional

SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) is used to transfer (load/replicate) data from source to target system. After configuration set-up in SLT, in HANA studio we can load or replicate data using Data Provisioning link. In Data

This document is prepared based on HANA SP6 revision 60.                               Function is very much alike to a procedure except that Function must return a value.Whenever we define a function, it is called as User

This document is prepared based on version SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 05 revision 46. In part 1 of HANA Password security, we seen how to view the different password policy parameters and how to change

This document is prepared based on version or add-on: DMIS 2010_1_700 SP06. The sources supported for SLT replication are SAP and non-SAP. The main differences between the source SAP and non-SAP: A Database connection is