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Last week I posted a blog describing how to run Cloud Foundry on your own Mac or Linux laptop. If you were interested in the idea, I hope you were able to get it running

(*yes*, the whole enchilada) You’ve probably read much recently about SAP adding Cloud Foundry in Cloud Platform. There’s a lot to like about Cloud Foundry as an application platform – its support for more languages

I was pleased to see this morning that several key SAP Cloud Platform APIs are now publicly documented and accessible for our own use. As you’d suspect from using it, the Cloud Platform Admin Cockpit is a

I recently discovered a nifty feature in Olingo V2’s JPA APIs. There are cases in web services programming where you’ll need to return a custom error message, a specific HTTP error status code, or both.

If you are not using Afaria to manage application settings, your Kapsel Logon Screen presents a list of choices that might seem a bit formidable to your end users. This article describes an quick and

Identity integration is just as important as Data integration. I am working on a longer series of articles describing end-to-end HCP mobile application development, but I wanted to take the opportunity to post a quick

Introduction I’ve been working on a project to bring the major elements of SAP mobility together in a single example. This example will explore the details of creating a delta-enabled OData web service, something that

It’s great to have been able to attend SAP TechEd/d-code last week in Las Vegas and I look forward to the upcoming Berlin event as well.  Now that SMP 3.0 SP04 is out, we have