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Announcement for this year’s developer edition of SAP Inside Track Istanbul. Here are details; When and where The event takes place on Saturday, December 9th, 2017. Breakfast starts at 9 AM. Sessions start at 10 AM

  We are happy to announce that now registrations are open for the Inside Track with functional topics. Here are the details,   Agenda Start Time End Time Topic Presenter 09:00 10:00 Breakfast 10:00 10:15 Kick

I am very happy to announce that we had another great #sitIST. Before diving into highlights let me give you some background information on what are Functional and Developer Inside Track events and why did

We had planned to have 2 different versions of Inside Track on early this year. The first event which consists of only functional and analytical sessions took place on March. Wiki Page: SAP Inside Track Istanbul

We had been planned to organize 2 Inside Track events this year, one for functional topics the other one for technical topics, by evaluating the demands comes from the SCN MeetUp Community. Last weekend we

At the end of the event we conducted feedbacks from the participants. Before continue to below responses, I suggest you to take a look at Tammy Powlas‘s social media analysis Another Tale of Two SAP

Two weeks ago we had a great CodeJam held in Sehir University, about SAPUI5 with Web IDE. It was 2nd time with the same topic in our country; First one was in the past year

Couple of hours ago we had an SCN MeetUp with more crowded community. After a great Inside Track, I think people are getting interested in what is going on with these Meeteups 🙂 So we

Last weekend there was an amazing SAP Inside Track Istanbul 2015 held in Sehir University and now we are 5 years old. I have wrote a wrap-up(Best Ever – SAP Inside Track Istanbul 2015 –

First of all I should mention that it is an honour for me to being part of this organization and community.   Briefly, it was 5th this year and held in Sehir University.   So