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Rick Costanzo

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about mobile. In my 20+ years at RIM/Blackberry and SAP, I’ve had a front row seat for this technology tsunami. In just a decade, mobile devices have gone quickly

Even though mobile devices – our constant companions – have penetrated nearly every aspect of daily life, the mobile mountain keeps on rising. While worldwide mobile subscriptions (both smartphones and traditional cellular connections) have surpassed

In this age of digital disruption, it’s easy to write off Communications Service Providers (CSPs, aka Telcos) as aging dinosaurs, slowly being eaten (fork by fork) by agile mobile operators and over the top (OTT)

Everything we touch, say, and do generates data – and our digital fingerprints are all over it. On any given day, over 1.3 billion of us are interacting with each other on social networks. More

This in the second of a series of three blogs that takes a look at the significant transformation that the telco industry is experiencing. This blog discusses how CSPs are planning on not just surviving,

This in the first of a series of three blogs that take a look at the significant transformation that the telco industry is experiencing. This initial blog provides insights into this transformation, with follow-on blogs

Last year at this time I was at the Mobile World Congress asking myself what’s next for SAP in enterprise mobility. I had just joined the company, and everyone I met at the congress —

Offshore wind farms have hundreds of windmills in remote locations mostly out in the middle of the ocean. Have you ever wondered how they do maintenance on those turbines that are 100 meters up in

Three things could soon make traffic jams a thing of the past. In the digital cities of the future people will get around using a mix of connected cars and public transportation, freeing up road

Untether is a good word. It makes me think of ships pulling anchor and sailing off to new horizons. Augmented reality apps have the same effect because they free people from the physical restrictions of