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As I got off the plane at I caught myself singing the Danny Kaye song “Wonderful Copenhagen” from the Hans Christian Andersen film that I remembered from my (distant) youth. It was quite appropriate as

Manufacturing companies are facing changing business dynamics, everywhere they look. Customers are not only demanding iindividualized products (market and lot sizes of 1) but they want those products delivered “yesterday”. This is driving manufacturers to

A renaissance is a period of vigorous intellectual activity and creativity. The term derives from the Renaissance, the period between the 14th and 17th centuries marked by a surge of invention and the beginning of

In 2016, the world population surpassed 7.3 billion, meaning the number of people on Earth has doubled in the past 45 years. Furthermore, there’s no end insight to this rapid growth. In fact, it has

The massive numbers of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices (“things”) has changed the way we do business forever. With the emergence of smart products, assets, and always-on “things,” we

In a recent report, Digital Supply Chains: A Frontside Flip, The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) states that “the digital supply chain focused on customers will have a huge impact on company financial performance and

Over the holiday, I spent a great afternoon at the Boston Museum of Science, which is currently running an exhibition called “Da Vinci – The Genius.” The exhibition brings to life the genius of Leonardo

We’re approaching the time when Santa — founder, chairman, and CEO of Santa Claus Toy Manufacturing and Distribution Corp. — manages to ship billions of toys in a single day, all with guaranteed overnight delivery.

We’ve been hearing a lot about “live” supply chains — digitized operations that run on real-time data. There’s good reason for this. Improved supply chain performance is a Top 3 priority of manufacturers, says IDC.