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At the recent Hybris Global Partner Summit in Munich,  hybris-as-a-service (yaaS) was introduced as a modern commerce platform based on microservices (it is now in beta ).  I’ve blogged about YaaS in the past in

At the recent series of SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting ( FKOM ) sales events,  I noticed that there were various #FKOM tweets with an unfamiliar hashtag #S4HANA – some of these tweets included a new

At 2 a.m. this morning, our cat woke me up and I had a quick look at the news feed on my iPad. I saw the announcement that SAP was going to acquire Concur and

After this year’s Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) was everywhere and was the integral technology of many of SAP’s cloud innovations announced at the conference. Simple Finance The result is

I am a close observer of SAP’s cloud activities / strategy. I read every related forum post on SCN and read every SCN blog / content that concerns this platform.  This summer I have been

Jon Reed and I met in the hotel lobby in Orlando on the day after the Sapphire had ended and had an interesting talk about all things Cloud. We neglected to tape this conversation so

At a recent SAP All Cloud Connect event, Sven Denecken (GVP Cloud Solutions) presented a session entitled “Making Change Your Advantage”) that included slides that depict some shifts in SAP’s Cloud strategy.  I’d like to

As I read this tweet from blogger Naomi Bloom, I was reminded of various conversations at the recent Sapphire conference about the impact of customization in cloud solutions.  Although Bloom’s tweet focused on SaaS, many

Two recent sessions at the Cloud Foundry (CF) Summit provide some interesting insights into possible developments concerning the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). The first session was entitled “Future of Enterprise PaaS” from Steve Winkler and

Yesterday, Steve Lucas (President, SAP Platform Solutions) held a press conference (the replay isn’t live yet) with the innocuous description: “cross portfolio overview of SAP’s Platform Solutions Group”. Following two customer stories about HANA, Steve