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Richard W. L. Brehmer

Hello, Below are resumed steps to take when upgrading Oracle to 12c, using Linux OS. Based on SAP Upgrade documentation. My intention is to show the effort that this process takes, so other members can have

Hello In this example, we going to update all of the support packages installed of a Netweaver, to the latest version. Source System SAP EHP 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 07 (Oracle Database) to

Hello,   Just sharing a tip:   The user that you trying to log on is locked, or you don´t know the password anymore, plus, you don´t have any other user on that same client,

Hello, I just want to share a solution for the error SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect. The issue occurs on DB13 update statistics. It began occur after a BW system refresh done through Oracle

Hello all, I want to share a simple solution for the issue below, when scheduled “Update Statistics” on DB13: Error details log: BR0301E SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3, SQL statement: ‘BEGIN DBMS_STATS.GATHER_INDEX_STATS (OWNNAME =>

Hello, I just want to share a script to start the saprouter in a easy way on unix. Just put the content bellow in a sh file, and pay attentio on the variables. Then, just

You want to change the redundancy of the Disk Group of the ASM instance. Current situation: If you try to dismount/drop: Why? Because the ASM instance has its spfile on it: [grid@ora-asm:+ASM ~]$ asmcmd ASMCMD>

Hi! If you have a Oracle database, and want to start it and shut it down, together wit the start/shutdown of the OS, follow the steps below. In my case, i am using Oracle Linux.

Hello, Sometimes, when you are updating a Support Package in SPAM transaction, and for example, you lost your connection with SAP, then you start SPAM again, and your update does not work anymore. So, in

When we try to update a Support Package, this issue can occur:Details: This is because the SPAM and SAINT are not up to date. To check the current SPAM version, you can also go to