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Reuven Gorsht

As I was driving home the other day, I had the misfortune of getting stuck in standstill traffic for over 90 minutes.   Despite trying every side street I can think of, I was just stuck

One of the things I consistently notice when speaking to employees about culture change is the finger-pointing back at senior management.  I hear  “They need to change” or “Management needs to change their behaviors first!”.   

When you are an established player in your industry and a new competitor emerges, the first natural reaction is to ignore them, but at the same time, keep a close watch from the corner of

Imagine you ran a business that virtually dominates the market.  One day, you find out that a small start-up has somehow figured out a technology that lets your customers buy your product for 10% of

Sarah is at the top of her game. She’s been climbing the ladder at one of the top legal firms in the country.   If all goes according to plan, she will likely make partner in

A few weeks back, I came across a captivating headline in Forbes that touted “How An Uber Driver Makes $252,000 A Year”. The first thought that ran through my mind, is Wow! The gig economy

As I sort through nearly 2 gigabytes worth of pictures of my kids, I can’t help it but feel overwhelmed.   There are literally thousands upon thousands of pictures and short videos that we shot over

In 1964, Isaac Asimov, wrote about a visit to the World’s Fair of 2014: “The world of A.D. 2014 will have few routine jobs that cannot be done better by some machine than by any

Meet Sam. Sam is a director in the IT department at a regional bank. He joined the organization 8 years ago as a software developer fresh out of school and has been quickly recognized as

For most companies, strategic planning season is in full swing. We dig through vast amounts of data, meticulously craft an absurd amount of PowerPoint slides, and attend dozens of meetings, all of which will culminate