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Hi Guys, Sorry for the short break in posting the content. I will try to catch up with any new notes that has been released. Today I just want to give you a quick update

Hi Guys, Good news, there has been no new notes released last week. Meaning that no new issues were reported. However, one of the Product Support engineers released a new Knowledge Base Article where you

Hi Guys, This week Development Team released one new note in the area of Training Management in LSO. The note 2476376 which solves an issue of extra schedule being created during detailed resource selection. Apart

Hi Guys, Here is a portion of new notes released this week for the LSO. Training Management Note 2477978 solves an issue in a situation where Creation of new schedule for course was not possible

Hi Guys, There had been no new notes released for the past week. However, the Product Support Team has created another Knowledge Base Article which you may find useful. If you decide or are asked

Hi Guys, This week I though I would share with you some new Knowledge Base Articles released by our Product Support Team. Learning Portal: The first Knowledge Base Article 2465842  provides a solution in case on LSO

Hi Guys, This week there was only one note released by the Development Team but I think you might be interested in it. LSO: Learning Portal You might noticed that in Learning portal Verbal Description

Hi Guys, In the past week The Development Team did not have to create any new fixes. However, our Product Support Team has been busy. We have released five new Knowledge Base Articles, which I

Hi Guys, This week Development Team has not released any new notes but few of the old ones were updated. Please look at the list of updated notes for TEM and LSO: TEM Day-to Day

Hi Guys,   After a short break we have decided to revive the LSO and TEM live blog.   Today we would like to inform you about three new notes that have been released in the