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Remigiusz Antczak

Hi Guys, This week Development Team has not released any new notes but few of the old ones were updated. Please look at the list of updated notes for TEM and LSO: TEM Day-to Day

Hi Guys,   After a short break we have decided to revive the LSO and TEM live blog.   Today we would like to inform you about three new notes that have been released in the

Hi Guys, you might have experienced an issue with report RHPPROGRS_LSO where the completion progress of learner is wrongly displayed. If you experienced such problem please apply note 2389466 or Support Package listed in the

Hi Guys, I would like to share with you information on two new notes that solves issues when using learner portal for LSO. First note 2218369 was designed to fix an issue in renovated learner

Hi Guys, I thought I would give you a quick update on recently released notes. Last week the Development Team released just one note which solves an issue with dump when you click on course/

Hi Guys, There was just one note released last week in the area of SAP Learning Solution. This note solves an issue when a booking is not allowed due to error during prerequisite checks when

Hi Guys,   Last week we released only one note in the area of LSO Training Management.   You might have experienced an issue with reports RHXQANF0_LSO/RHQANF00_LSO where Prerequisite qualification are not matched even though

Hi Guys, You might have encountered the following issue in TEM. While executing the report “Business Event Information” the Organization Unit of the instructors are incorrectly displayed. The error occurred because the application was considering

Hi Guys, Last week Development Team released note 2370291 that solves an issue in Renovated Learning Portal, when the learner maintains a location as ‘Preferred Location’ under Settings. This location is not considered when viewing

Hi Guys, Today I would like to share with you information about three new notes that we have recently released for issues occurring in the area of training Management. First note 2286702 fixes and issue