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Maybe you like SAPUI5 like I do. Then for sure you know the great SAPUI5 sample and documentation pages SAPUI5 Explored or SAPUI5 Demo kit. There you can easily browse though all available SAPUI5 controls

In my previous posts about dynamic apps in Lumira 2.1 I have missed another cool feature. In the first part about the Components API I have skipped the functions createBinding and getBinding. They allow you to

Dimension members are one of the basic concepts in any analytics application. Every analytical app, dashboard or self-service tool contains member lists: inside of a Crosstab, on a chart axis or legends, on a filter

In the first part of my little blog series on dynamic Lumira apps, I have shortly explained the Components API that allows to create components dynamically. However, this doesn’t help a lot if you don’t

Lumira 2.1 contains a very powerful feature. While in former Design Studio and Lumira version an app had constant number of components, in 2.1 you can also create and delete components via scripting. This give

As with SDK version 1.4 and 1.5 I  want to give you an overview over the new features of the Design Studio SDK in version 1.6. This time I have more to share than I

Like last time, I’ll give the community a brief overview of the new and improved topics in the SDK for Design Studio 1.5. While in 1.4 there were many new features to announce, this time

There are several questions coming up frequently, both in our SDK workshops and here in the forum. Thus I thought it might be a good idea to blog about some typical problems that you as

My series about BPMN 2.0 and its implementation in EMF as Open Source project is complete now. It consists of the three parts: BPMN 2.0 Metamodel Implementation for Eclipse: Get it and Use it: An

Maybe you had the chance to visit the SAP TechEd, this week in Las Vegas or last week in Berlin. If yes, and if you visited the BPM Roadmap talk or one of the hands-on