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How to Use It It’s Just Another Object Type Decision to Read Files From Presentation Server or Application Server The Main Loop Some Remarks on Tests Testing Private Methods Reading a Number On Shared Strings

Recently, a colleague of mine had to write an ABAP application with an import functionality for Excel files. I recommended him to use the abap2xlsx package which serves as a fully featured negotiator between the

Producing the Result Piece by Piece Ideas for Improvements Inserting XML Elements from Other Documents Using Method Chaining Adding Arbitrary Data As String Crash Early – Using Assertions for the Document Structure Getting the Result

Why is it that a transformation fails to produce valid JSON? To answer this question, I wrote a little JSON-XML validator. The Problem A Solution with Schematron General Assertions Allowed element names The only allowed

Pre-Requisite: Model – View – Controller (MVC) First Phase: Initialization Second Phase: Receiving View Data Third Phase: Handling the User Command Fourth Phase: Do the Subsequent View(s) Fifth Phase: Finish Summary Reference In this blog

In our days, input fields supported by autocompletion are omnipresent in the web. In this blog, I will show how to implement an input which gets autocompleted with proposals from an SAP system. The basic

Documenting with a Wiki A Team TWiki Merging SAP Documentation into TWiki Topics The SAP Connect Plugin Transforming Documentation from SAPscript to TWiki The SapConnectPlugin on TWiki Documenting with a Wiki Since its beginning with

The ICF Tree First Strategy: HTTP Request Method Second Strategy: Data Transfer Format The Common Plot for All Requests A Specific Task – the PUT Request Session, Identity and Locking Using ABAP’s Built-In JSON Converter

Rolling Your Own Samples with jsfiddle How to Make a Polyglot API Cross-Origin Ressource Sharing (CORS) Application Design Server Requests Model-View-Controller in the Browser Coupling with the Events Object Controller Tasks The Table Object Summary

Why REST? A Sample REST Service The Application Testing The JavaScript Working With the Response XML Data The Field Abstraction The Self-Actualizing Drop-Down Box The Table Abstraction Summary In a previous blog, I described a