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We all have a perfect world, a world where our personal pet peeves would not exist. I’m the person who re-organizes the dirty dishwasher so the plates and bowls line up – it’s not an

SAP and IBM hosted an intimate blockchain for chemicals forum in Newtown Square on August 13th 2018. Companies in attendance included Dow, DuPont, Braskem, Air Products, Axalta Coatings, Infinium, Benjamin Moore, St. Gobain, and Covestro.

Just three weeks ago, I was asked an age-old question – ‘can you help a customer get to a single set of numbers to drive their plan? The CEO wants a single set of numbers!’

Every year, we host a series of research roundtables with chemical industry customers.  This year, the roundtables will be held at the SAP offices in Houston (August 17th) and in Newtown Square (August 19th).  The

When I was 14, I started working my first real job with a professional painter where I grew up in Vermont.  We used to paint old farm houses and barns, restoring single-paned windows by caulking

I am a Gen X’er, that funny cross-over generation sandwiched between the true baby boomers and the new Millennials.  For the most part, I fit most of the stereotypes of my generation.  Many people are

One of the hot topics at Sapphire this year was rather retro, but with an updated consideration.  After the initial release over 2 years, SAP Integrated Business Planning (which now includes a full suite of

Sapphire has come and gone like a half dozen White Castles at 2 in the morning – seemed like a good idea at the time but the taste is still lingering one week later. Heading

The hype of the Super Bowl often detracts from the actual game.   Between the food, the commercials and the half time show, it is easy to forget that there was a football game being played

The concept of the Omni channel evolved from brick and mortar stores that were forced to sell thru the internet.  In the simplest example, a consumer can walk into any K-mart store and purchase some