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In the popular middle-grade novel, Blubber, author Judy Blume relates a truly heartbreaking story of a group of bored fifth graders suddenly taking to tormenting one of the girls in their class. In a space

SAP’s David Ludlow and Oxford Economics’ Debra D’Agostino to deliver HR 2013 keynote Read the full press release below: Dedham, Mass., February 6, 2013 – SAPinsider today announced the speaker for the Keynote Address at

“So why should this organization invest in human capital?” Over the past two decades, HR executives and corporate strategists have been engaging more deeply. Yet when the conversation reaches the point where corporate strategy asks

Every great conference comes equipped with multiple networking opportunities and HR 2013 is no exception. Not only does the event have 32 hours of educational sessions, 112 sessions, and 98 speakers, but it also has

[UPDATED January 27, 2013.  Earlybird discount expired January 25, 2013, and the title has been changed accordingly. However, the original unedited blog text is retained below, which includes a partial list of expected guests and

When I wrote “Data Science: Buyer Beware,” I was certainly not expecting a spirited, standing ovation, as would follow a Scriabin performance by Vladimir Horowitz. Despite presenting a sharply contrarian view, I nevertheless expected to

I don’t want no iceman I’m gonna get me a Frigidaire … I don’t want nobody Who’s always hangin’ around – Louis Jordan, “I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town”, 1941 Any field of

As a youth I lived in a strict house, where television viewing was restricted to one-half hour per day (or a full hour for PBS programs). The reasoning was simple: television makes people stupid, whether

One of the more popular features in the Washington Post is its “5 Myths” opinions column, where commonly held misapprehensions about politics, society, and even science are weighed against evidence. Often, the evidence is obtained

Only the Velvet Underground could provide such bare contrasts between their world of lacerating noise and squalid cityscapes, and many of their peer musicians’ world of rainbows and escapist indulgences. Yet even as the Velvet