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Ravinder Pal Vashist

This document will  explains how to turn on compatibility mode for IE 8/9 for all intranet  sites for SAP Business Objects 3.X . UsingSAP Business Objects 3.X to edit WebI reports requires this mode when

This document explains how to fix the golden background and a blue header row in a table while creating new WebI reports corrected by adjusting the Java settings. Use the following steps to change the

This document helps in what to do if you received a “No data to fetch” error when refreshing a Business Objects DeskI or Webi document. This error does not always conclude to a problem, but

In this demo we will create our report by using fold /Unfold feature available in 3.1 SP2  which gives our report looks same as Excel.

This demo will show how to create Cascading list of Values in semantic layer and then we will see how it is useful in Webi report. lets start with universe designer and open existing universe

This demo will show , how can we use Check box Input control in Webi Report. Step 1. Create a simple report in webi. Step 2. we need to create a filter on product name

This Document will explain , how we can create a webi report as webservices which could be used in any application with minimum coding. Step1. create a simple report block  and activate the show BI