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Value Driver Trees (VDT) in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a very effective simulation/What-If analysis process tool used on planning models. We start with the assumption that the data model for planning scenario already exists

Summary: This How-to-Guide walks you through the modeling paradigms aligned with                   BW/4HANA. Most of the BW objects modeled for planning are modeled via        

In my previous blog, I showcased how you can use Crosstab to control the hierarchy interaction within a scorecard. In this blog we will create the hierarchy expand and collapse functionality directly within scorecard using

This is a short blog to show how you can embed images dynamically within the scorecard component. Quick Steps Create a blank application and assign a Datasource Add and Configure scorecard properties and assign images

In this blog I will showcase how you can embed a dimensional hierarchy within a scorecard. There is a certain level of customization required to achieve this using the scorecard component options. Very briefly, the

This blog focuses on understanding how to embed and combine bookmarking functionality with online composition feature in a Design Studio application in local mode. This scenario uses the concept of re-using the Group Identifier which

Hi All, I am sure there are multiple blogs talking about how to consume application data stored in SAP tables using SAP Analytical applications. In this blog I will walk you through the steps on

Have you considered the option of authoring Lumira stories on HANA views directly within Lumira Server without publishing the HANA views as datasets from Lumira Desktop? The purpose of this blog is to introduce you