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Tanka Ravi Chandra

Hi… All about I_STEP When we execute the BEx query, the sequence of execution starts with the variable selection screen being  popped up  if any variable is present in the query,  and then the output

Hi… Usage of Into corresponding fields : Internal table: Internal tables provide a means of taking data from a fixed structure and storing it in working memory in ABAP. The data is stored line by

Hi This blog describes the advantages of using the field-symbols . Internal table processing is essential part of any ABAP program. Generally, we use the explicit work area to process the internal table like appending

Hi This blog describes about the I_T_VAR_RANGE table. All about I_T_VAR_RANGE  tables: —————————————————————————– This  table is used to fetch the data given by the end user in the variable whenever we execute the report. Let’s

Hi all , This blog explain the DS Enhancement. In this blog , i just concentrated on ABAP code with a simple example. and i don’t explain how to append the field for the ds