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SAP GDS comes with standard SAP Pre defined data model for MDM product repository.  Based on the Business needs we can always extend the data model by adding a custom field/attributes in GDS repository. Creation

DataPool Response: When the trade item is successfully exported from GDS and sent to 1 SYNC via PI, 1 sync will send the response back to GDS as a receipt of acknowledgement. If item is

GDS Outbound Process This blog explains about the GDS outbound process/steps involved in GDS Item registration and publishing in 1WorldSync. 1WorldSync 1WorldSync is the Product information network and data pool solutions provider, certified within GS1

GDS Inbound Process:In this blog we will see the process used to send data from SAP MDM to SAP GDS. SAP GDS will receive Product/Materials  information from SAP MDM or SAP ECC. All the GDS

GDS? Global Data Synchronization (GDS) is a term used to describe an industry initiative focused on keeping item information in sync between retailers and their suppliers. GDS is a standardized process for the exchange of

Emerging of GDSN The industrial sector is currently in the era where the retailers, manufacturers and distributors have entered a promising, yet challenging, period in their relationships. As they recognize the need of working closely

This is continuation of my previous blog to create XSD structure through php tool SAP Process Integration XSD Tool Using PHP This blog will explain to create a JDBC document format required in PI for

This blog is about the PHP tool to convert the CSV file which contains information like node, elements, data types etc.. in to XSD file. The generated file can be further used in Middleware integration