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Lately we have been coming across queries around version/EHP support with regular frequency and this brief post will attempt to explain that. Here is the compatibility matrix of SPM versions with NW EHP levels: If

Recently I have seen quite a bit of requests come my way to understand the compatibility of different versions of SPM with different versions of SAP Sourcing (formerly e-Sourcing). I will be posting more details

The biggest challenge facing the standard BW content is not knowing which scenario it will cater to (since most of the content can potential cater to multiple scenarios) leading to a very bottom up design

All of the types/objects of data that can be uploaded in Spend Performance Management (SPM) thru the SPM Data Management Tool are set in the table OPMDM_TYPES. All of these data types are known as

The Spend Performance Management (SPM) data model already covers all the necessary dimensions for the Procurement Analytics scenarios. In addition to the Procurement specific dimensions there is a provision for 15 additional custom dimensions shared

Before you start loading data into SAP Spend Performance Management (SPM) it is vital to you take a moment understand the data in terms of the uniqueness of technical ids of the dimensions and think

I frequently get this question on improvements in SPM 2.1 over SPM 2.0 related to performance, so I thought it would be easier to compile this list and share it with you.Here are all of

Last week the Spend Performance Management BPx site was re-launched after some major updates. The goal of the new site is to provide information, tips and suggestions for making it easier for implementing the application

How to improve the system performance of Spend Performance Management is a common question. I have created an article which lists out all the different pieces involved. Here is the link to he article. Pls

New to Spend Performance Management application and dont know exactly how to go about blueprinting the implementation? Dont worry, its a fairly common scenario for customers and first time implementation partners. I have created a