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PI point of view the JDBC receiver adapter configuration is not complex but while dealing with high volume / multiple JDBC receiver interfaces, setting up right value to some of the parameters plays vital role,this

Stored procedure was developed in data base with 4 input parameters (header, line item, partner and DTN); stored procedure always expects input parameters in same order and last input parameter DTN was optional. PI interface

Contracts are created in SAP ECC and contract data needs to insert in to 4 contract different oracle tables. IDoc Type: ORDERS Table1: Contract Header (Mandatory always one header record for one contract). Table2:Contract_LineItem (Mandatory

A stored procedure is a named group of SQL statements that have been previously created and stored in the database. Stored procedures accept input parameters so that a single procedure can be used over the

Using this design we can perform multiple data base operations on data base using one interface, like inserting data in to multiple tables. Refer below blog to know more about multi mapping without BPM concept.

Design 1: INSERT operation Lest start with standard INSERT statement design, every one familiar with insert operation  and it works really good way for medium and low high volume load. There were many documents available

One of my customers showcased me existing business process and he want to replace the same business process with SAP PI,the requirement is very simple like integrating SAP ECC and ORACLE data base system. After

Recently I worked on one requirement in my project, to stop the processing of duplicate files if the file has been already processed earlier. There was a chance that client might place a file at

Recently I worked on one requirement where my customer wants file naming convention should start with 1 and increment by 1 every time(SECnet1.xml,SECnet2.xml………..).I have seen many people posted similar kind of requirement in SCN.  

“Nothing is permanent except change” is one of my favorite quotation, now this is really applicable Process Integration architecture from PI 7.3.There is a big change in PI 7.3 architecture compare to earlier versions and