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When connecting to SAP using a SAP Applications / SAP BW Source / SAP BW Target Datastore, the RFC_LOGON_FAILURE Error is quiet a common error.   However the message following the RFC_LOGON_FAILURE error code is

Transaction codes LTMC – Migration Cockpit LTMOM – Migration Object Modeler   Environment – S4HANA 1709 – On Premise   When creating Migration objects using the Data Migration Cockpit Modeler, I encountered an issue with

Transaction Code – LTMOM   System – S4HANA On Premise   Error – Missing Authorizations   The Migration Cockpit Modeler is a tool in S4HANA Data Migration cockpit that allows us to make changes to

Transaction Code – LTMC Feature – Data Migration Cockpit S4H Option – On-Premise When invoking the S4HANA Data Migration Cockpit the 403-Forbidden Error is a common occurrence. The error description usually also accompanies message “Service

When creating sales orders the order block for a customer is a common issue that causes results in an error at the time of assigning sold-to or ship-to party for the order. In S/4 HANA

In S/4 HANA, the Business Partner (BP) model integrates the customer master and vendor master data under the Partner umbrella. This gives the advantage of using the BP model for both customer relationship management and the

Error Information When connecting to the Local repository on the SAP Data Service Designer, the Visual C++ Runtime Library “Runtime Error” as shown in Fig1 below. One of the reasons for such an error is

Recently when I was trying to create a sample material using the IDoc MATMAS_MASS_BAPI we encountered a situation where the IDoc Message processed successfully (Status 53) but a material was not created.      

Hi All, There is an option in SAP GUI that helps with understanding data better especially for data migration. Once data is loaded when viewing the data in the transaction screen there is usually a

The business partner creation and maintenance contains several tables that are updated. Each field in the transaction code BP is maintained in specific table and field. In this document some of the fields pertaining to