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Raghunandan GV

Retail industries have realized that business sustainability is determined by a combination of economic growth, environmental balance and social progress and has strategically incorporated sustainability principles as a part of their overall vision and mission.

Corporate sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral function of the business. Due to Global warming and depletion of natural resources, there is an increasing awareness among the customers to go for Green products. This makes

This blog is in continuation with my previous blog, which was on SuPM and CI. Let me continue my Blog Journey to explain the SAP Partner enablement program held by SAP India on the second

I recently attended a Partner enablement program organized in SAP India and I got a chance to meet Lorraine Gevrey from SAP, Christian Vogler & Tonda Oberbacher from Technidata, who explained us the market in

I am working on the Sustainability area from quite some time and attended a workshop for the application “SAP Sustainability Performance Management v1.0” few days ago, so I thought of consolidating the important studies that I