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By sheer coincidence I bumped into my old mate Jordan the other day.  As some of you may remember, I know two Jordans with the same surname, both are friends of mine. One is a

You know you’re back to work when you have some numbers to crunch.  Today I am looking at the first two videos in the Extending SAP HANA Live for Insurance series.  These videos are led

As I sit amidst the wreckage left over from Xmas I am reluctant to get back to work.  The season of goodwill must go on!  Furthermore, the last two weeks seem to have disappeared into

In this video by the SAP HANA Academy, Tahir Hussain Babar, aka Bob, looks at the Lookup Transformation in Smart Data Quality for SPS09.  For the second time in a row I find myself snacking

Being able to filter data quickly according to our own criteria is taken very much for granted.  However, the power to quickly filter data, and I use the word power carefully really is extremely important.

Ah, so comforting to hear a familiar voice, whose dulcet tones are familiar, if not soothing.  In this video, Tahir Hussain Babar, aka Bob, of the SAP HANA Academy, shows us how to create a

Do you find yourself doing something you don’t recommend to others?  In this video by the SAP HANA Academy Tahir Hussain Babar, aka Bob, demonstrates how to create a Development User for the HADOOP environment.  

I write to as you as a typical Mancunian out on a Friday night.  I am at a friend’s house with six others.  We are snacking while chatting.  At some point this evening we are

All I remember from my geography lessons at school is colouring in.  So I feel a mild sense of trepidation as I review this video by Tahir Hussain Babar, aka Bob, of the SAP HANA

Enterprise. Now that word resonates. In this video Tahir Hussain Babar, aka Bob, of the SAP HANA Academy demonstrates how to use the Extraction_Core_ Enterprise configuration for SAP HANA SPS09. This is such a contrast