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0. Pre-requirements Node.JS installed locally Docker installed locally Javascript / Node.JS development minimal knowledge  NodeJS tutorial Cloud Foundry & Docker minimal knowledge 1. Introduction about MQTT and SAP Cloud Platform When you are working on

Introduction SAP IoT Application Enablement (IoT AE) has published in the SAP API Business Hub the services descriptions using the OpenAPI format on which SAP is a member. This means that the IoT AE API

Introduction If you are a data analyst for sure you will need to load the timeseries history data for sensor reading or other kind of IoT AE related data into your own tools. Because you

Introduction It’s a very common need to use  “user provided services” in the Cloud Foundry environment because the provided out of the box services that can be instantiated are not enough. I have tried to

Summary Introduction Prerequisites Create a Device and required configurations in IoT Service CF via API or Cockpit Using the IoT Application Enablement – Thing Modeler Create a “Thing” in IoT AE API + device bind