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Rachel Parikh

There was a buzz in the air. To my right sat an urban mushroom farmer. To my left a marketer from a consumer packaged goods company. Around me were people from all walks of life.

It was around 8.30 in the morning and the smells of the Tenderloin were intensified by the heat wave that San Francisco was experiencing in early October. I had arrived early and stood outside the

It was a warm, early summer day in London. We were twenty leaders from SAP gathered together on the final day of our London Quest. I looked around the room at these people I had

It was the second day of our Leaders’ Quest. We were 20 leaders from SAP Labs Palo Alto and we had spent the morning in deep, personal conversation with former convicts who are now leaders

Hello, my name is Rachel Parikh and I am a member of the Core Sustainability team at SAP Labs, Palo Alto. My passion and focus is Organizational Culture / Employee Engagement as they relate to Sustainability. While I am not