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We are in the midst of what might be described as a smartphone revolution. It is clear that SAP has also accepted this. In an independent analysis, Bob Evans wrote a piece (Information Week, April

Evolving technology capabilities, combined with work styles and habits that are markedly different from even just a decade ago, have led to the very real demand amongst business users to be able to utilize the

I was at the SAP Insider CRM/PLM/Logistics & SCM conference in Orlando last month. Walking the Exhibit Hall I was struck by the number of Exhibitors that were showcasing mobile apps of some sort or

Irrespective of what our individual politics might be, the Healthcare debate has the very real potential of touching us all in some way. I have been trying to keep up with it (be warned, it

I happened to see a Tweet from my friend Jon Reed (@jonerp) and it struck me that the 140 characters in that message encapsulated a very powerful idea. In this case it is the simple

I was getting ready to write a post on what makes innovation tick in an organization, and then I chanced upon an article in the latest Business Week issue (December 14, 2009) titled, “From India,

According to one definition (Wikipedia), “Veni, vidi, vici” is a famous Latin sentence reportedly written by Julius Caesar in 47 BC. It translates as “I came, I saw, I conquered“. Obviously, this was in the