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Hong Sung Hyun joined the Yonsei University (South Korea) soccer team, a top collegiate team, in 2010, winning the U-League in the same year and again in 2012. As a promising and upcoming player, he

If you live in the Bay area (Silicon Valley) you know that recently there have been hot days when one would have expected it to be not so and there have been some uncharacteristically chilly

Today SAP HANA powers the next generation Business Suite and is rapidly becoming the platform on which businesses are choosing to grow and expand. This year at SAPPHIRE Now in Orlando expect to see many

SAP Insider’s HANA 2015 in Las Vegas (March 9-12) was a splendid experience that showcased the maturity of HANA. There was talk about SAP S/4 HANA and then there was talk about innovation like never

On February 5, 2010, in a T20 international (Cricket) against Pakistan, Shaun Tait bowled a ball measured at 160.7 km/h, the fastest ball ever recorded in Australia. His fastest ball was against England at Lords

User experience encompasses a variety of aspects of which UI is just one. Newer SAP Fiori apps are merely the beginning. Learn how you can build your own Fiori-like apps and employ a more intuitive

Guilty as I am of neglecting to share my thoughts more frequently on SCN, I wanted to make amends by pointing to a piece (The Ultimate Business Platform is here) that I posted on saphana.com

It recently occurred to me that I have been a little more frequent in my posts on Experience SAP HANA as compared to this forum. As I was contemplating a couple of different topics to

In an article titled, “Good Data Won’t Guarantee Good Decisions,” that appeared in the April 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review (by Svetank Shah, Andrew Horne and Jaime Capella), the authors make the case

When one of your biggest competitors joins you in a new race, you know your cause is a worthy one and that you are doing the right things for you have earned the earnest envy