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Priti Mulchandani

This blog aims to answer few questions related to one of the new features called ‘Modeling Support for Vora’ in SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics as announced here. What does this integration offer ? This integration

Today start-ups have jumped over big banks to offer smart, short and quick consumer loans. This boom is called “alternative lending” and it is being majorly driven by proliferation of data sources and the emergence

Apache Spark  is the most popular Apache open-source project till date and it has become catalyst for adoption of big data infrastructure. Spark uses in-memory technology and offers high performance for complex computation processes such

Background In the last decade companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix have led the way in collecting and monetizing huge amounts of data generated by consumer’s everyday activity.  They look on this data as a

The present downturn has resulted in greater boon for end-users than ever before. Be it business or technology, the ultimate goal is to provide only “as much as” and “as exact as” the customer demands.